Lique Schoot, Self-portrait 09 06 18
Self-portrait 09 06 18 – part of the slideshow – LS diaries Bathroom 2005 – 2010

May 2  –  April 26, 2010

DUTCH GIRLS is an exhibition where Dutch women artists are showing their work with a strong personal character: drawings, photographs, paintings, objects and installations.

For the exhibition Lique made the installation ‘Bathroom’, works inspired by photos from her LS diaries, made in her bathroom between the period 2005 – 2010.

Enny Verhey, Lique Schoot

Participating Artists
Karin Bos, Barbara Broekman, Anouk Griffioen, Anya Janssen, Hester Scheurwater and Lique Schoot

Kunstbeeld – Art Magazine, Dutch Girls, Roos van der Lint, 34 (6), June, 2010, NL

May 16 at 15:00 PM by Tiana Wilhelm, director Stedelijke Musea Zutphen

Espace Enny
Dorpsstraat 14
Laag Keppel
The Netherlands